I have not abandoned you!

Wow! Its been almost a month that time has gone by and I posted I am usually really good about keeping up with things. This is usually a busy time of year for our family. (birthdays, craft shows, anniversary, holidays) I have not been knitting a lot recently but I finished an order for my uncle and cousin.

I am taking a break because I feel burned out from working with my looms. But when there is burnout there is always my “devils tower” (my place where unfinished objects go).

I’ve been working on a cowl that I put away because I got orders and it is for my mother in law her birthday falls on Monday. So I am happy to say that I finished it last night and it just needs blocked and it’ll be ready.

I have another scarf that is in the tower I pulled out due to it turning into yarn barf and needing another skein. Its out of loops and threads impeccable folklore. Thankfully I have my husband who is more patient with yarn barf then I am.

Also,  there is the mid December infinity scarf by a crafty house that is on 19 circs I have started this before until I watched  a video on how to join in the round from  newstitchaday.com

Last I want to push the craft show I have been in this for about 3 years now. Its run by my Brother in law up at their Bed and Breakfast. I have focused more on what I have sold in the past few years so there are flower pins, hats, toddler hats, and baby hats in there. Yes I am obsessed with making hats. I plan to donate what I dont sell at the end of the year.

Thats all I have for now till later. 🙂



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