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Earlier this week I have been listening to the KnottyGirls Knitcast by Laura and Jen they had a question someone asked how to avoid knitting burnout they had great suggestions check out their answers in their show notes.


It got me to thinking for my own use. Since I am a spreadsheet nerd. I created one for myself. In my first tab I have labeled “wips” (works in progress) in which I have projects that are on my needles and looms that I have been working on and off on. so I have those projects going down in a column in parenthases I have a reaalistic number on that project weather its a day or a week of the rows I would like to do.  Across the top  I have the days if I do a row or 2 I have it marked off. It helps break up the monotony of doing one project all day.

In my other tabs I have a “future” tab of projects that I have thought about doing when I get done with one off the “wip” list I will pull one from there. Also, there is a rewards tab only valid if I finish a project. Say if I complete a project I can go to the rewards tab and learn a new knitting skill I have been thinking about but havent felt the urge to learn yet.

Till next time.

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