It’s Raining Crafts – Vlog Episode 4

Stash relates to Christmas knitting

Vanna’s glamour yarn rhinestone pink 4 skeins using it  was originally going to use 2 skeins together to make sets for Christmas gift knitting but realized it was to thin so I’m using it mixed with other yarn
Red Heart Soft royal blue 3 skeins was also going to use for gift knitting for my son and nephews matching hats and scarves for Christmas
Zauberball sock on 9″ circ hiya size 3 held my stitches on 2 dpns during heel flap and Kitchener toe 47g left out of 100g enough for 2nd pair?
 originally bought zauberball for Baktus scarf which is a triangular shawl you weigh as you go really not a shawl wearer except for hitchhiker
Wanted mindless free pattern for an easy cowl chunky circular scarf by Julie marsh free pattern and uses 6 strands of dk yarn
Vanna rhinestone pink and Vanna purple cowl 15 rows on my size 15 hiya hiya circ
reminds me of a bike I had when I was younger because of strawberry shortcake and my 10 speed
Bankhead hat ribbing  started the “meat” of the hat
(original pattern calls for 100 cast on stitches in a k4 p1 pattern)
I casted on 88 and am k3p1
Olsh sock finished with gusset decreases started the foot
hitchhiker  Martina Behm


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