Knit a Sock Tutorial with Rainah Part 4


I have to tell you when I started knitting socks which was not that long ago the thought of picking up stitches was scary and I thought I could not do it. But you can! (I use a 9” circular to pick up the gusset, because I don’t like ladders in my work from the DPN’s, also don’t forget to put your point protector on the other end of your 9” so your stitches dont fall off )

This is where we connect the heel with the instep. Your working yarn when you are finished with your heel turn should be on the right side. Mine looks like this:



Insert your 9” circular into the first stitch below your DPN and knit that stitch. Continue this way all the way down until you reach the other DPN.


Place a stitch marker before you start knitting across your DPN.


Place a stitch marker and pick up the other side of your gusset.


Now that you are back to your original DPN you are going to knit half (9) of your stitches from the needle and slip the other 9 knit wise to your left needle. Place a stitch marker. (After this I usually knit a round before I start my gusset decreases.)


Congratulations you picked up your gusset! The picture below is what your needles should look like.




Now that you have knit a row on your gusset decreases We are going to decrease 2 sections until we get the number of stitches we casted on with.

Section 1: You want to knit to the last 3 stitches do a k2tog and knit the last stitch


Section 2: You want to knit across (this is the top of your foot)


Section 3: You want to knit 1 stitch and then do an ssk knit the rest of your stitches.

And after you reach your original stitch marker you want to knit a row between your decreases.


After you get down to your original number of stitches you casted on with (64) you want to knit to 2 inches before your toe (example: I wear a size 10, so I will knit to 8 inches)

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