Knit a Sock Tutorial with Rainah Part 1

I am knitting socks I decided to share along with you how I knit my ankle socks. My way I prefer to make them 2 at a time (on 2 different needles, doing one section simultaneously after another example: cuff on first sock put that down and do the cuff on the second sock)  splitting a ball into 2 50g balls of yarn.  (I use a kitchen scale and a yarn winder) You can change it around if you like and you don’t have to use a scale if you don’t have one. I wear a size 10 shoe

Rainah’s Ankle Sock Recipe

Your Skein of sock yarn (NEW Opal 8861 Best Friends Zusammenhalt is what I am using)

You will need: 9” circular needle

Size 3 DPNs

Point Protectors

Stitch Markers


Cast on 64 stitches on your 9” circular needle.  (I use the long tail cast on


Placing a stitch marker where you began your count and join in the round.


You want to knit your cuff in a k2p2 rib pattern for 8 rows


Do stockinette (knit stitch) for 15 rows


After you are finished slip your stitch marker over and turn turn your needles so they are facing you flat like the picture above  and put a point protector on the side the stitch marker is on.

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